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Does print size for your design project matter? We say absolutely!

When you are planning a new print design project one of the first questions you should consider is print size. Whether you are planning a mailing, a handout, a booklet, or any project it is easy to fall back on standard print sizes. A 4″ x 6″ postcard. A standard #10 business envelope. An 8.5″ x 5.5″ booklet. All of these are familiar and they get the job done.

The question is do you just want to get the job done? Or do you want to wow your customers? Making changes to the traditional standards of the print world can leave an outsize impression. Consider making changes to color, texture, format, and yes, print size to add some extra spice to your designs.

Before we go crazy, lets look at a few technical details:

If you are planning on creating a mailing then your sizes are limited by what the post office will accept. USPS has limits on how large and how small an item can be.

The 3 most common mail items and their sizes are as follows:

  1. Postcards

Postcards can be no smaller than 5″ x 3.5″ and no larger than 6″ x 4.25″. They cannot be thicker than .016″

2. Letters

Letters must be no smaller than 5″long  x 3.5″ wide  and no larger than 11.5″ x 6.125″. In addition they cannot be thicker than .25″

3. Flats

Flats cannot have dimensions larger than 12″ x 15″ and cannot be thicker than .75″. Otherwise the post office will treat them as a package.

Keep in mind

Postcards are made to be an inexpensive way to send a message to your customers, but they also have the strictest size requirements. So if you decide to go big with a project, you need to consider what your shipping costs will be. The same can be said for letters. If you use a standard #10 envelope, then you have a letter. But if you decide to create your own custom envelope you need to pay attention to the details. Flats are just another way of saying large envelope. Of course you can find more details on USPS.Com.

Now open up to some possibilities.

Okay, the technical information is important – you have to stay within your budget after all. But, once you figure that out start thinking about the effects you can create on your customers and potential customers. Get out of the standard print sizes and think about what really conveys your company’s brand and services.

Would a standard folded pamphlet show off your company’s work? Or would a large folded card really highlight what you can do? A plain white envelope? Or an oversized and colorful envelope that will literally stick out from other mail.

It doesn’t just have to be items in the mail. Could an oversized business card help you stand out? Think about using larger paper in unusually folded designs that put memorable experiences in your customer’s hands.

Bigger is Better?

We’ve talked about printing big. And that certainly is a direct approach. But the opposite can also true. Could a small delicate printed piece communicate more about your business? Could a small envelope say something loud and proud about your company? We think so.

Print size matters, but its the attention you give to your design, and not just the size that matters most of all.

If you’re looking to do something unique with your next print project feel free to give us a call or stop by the shop. We’re always ready to help no matter the size of your project!


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