print size

Does print size for your design project matter? We say absolutely! When you are planning a new print design project one of the first questions you should consider is print size. Whether you are planning a mailing, a handout, a booklet, or any project it is easy to fall back on standard print sizes. A…

die cutting set up

Die cutting can be a fantastic way to help your print design stand out. But how do you prepare your work to be die cut? Today we lay out the basics. Custom die cutting is one of the most unique ways to finish a print project. From simple shapes to complex and intricate cut outs,…

Scary Printing terms

All year, in print shops everywhere there are always some howling-ly Halloween-ish terms being bandied about. Today we look at some of these frightfully scary printing terms. As always happens this time of year there are Halloween songs on the radio and more than a few eerie and creepy things happening. Here at our print…

Custom Printed Packaging

If you’re starting a business or planning an event, you may have considered putting together your own packaging. This can seem complex, but with some new print materials, custom printed packaging is getting easier and easier. A lot of people can imagine designing and printing a poster. A single sheet with some words and images….

dummy check before printing

In Printing, we love dummies. That’s always fun to say, but it’s also true. We love to use a folding dummy as a way to help plan out a new print project.   So what is a dummy? At its most simple a dummy in printing is a model. Printers and designers use them to…

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