Print Marketing

What if there was  one trick you could use in your next print marketing campaign that could immediately increase the reach and value of your marketing? There is a way, but it’s not a trick. It’s the melding of print technology and a classic component of goods sales and marketing. Dale Carnegie once said that…

ID Card Printing

ID cards are becoming more and more important for businesses of all sizes. Part of having the right card for your organization is having great ID card printing equipment. That is where things can get complicated, so why not outsource your ID card printing to the pros. Whether you need to print ID badges for…

resolutions for print design

Happy New Year, Welcome to 2018! Now let’s print some great design! The new year is upon us, and with it all the possibilities of a fresh beginning. It is of course  a time to re-focus ourselves and craft New Year’s resolutions. Lose some weight, learn a language, run a marathon. All great ideas, but…

Happy Holidays 2017

    One of the real joys of this holiday season is the opportunity to say Thank You! And wish you the very best for the New Year. cutpasteandprint      

public domain images

Are the images in your print project yours? Do you have the right to use them? Are they public domain or royalty-free? Are they legal to use, or did you just find them somewhere?   If you are new to print design or are  designing your own project for the first time, then the distinction…

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