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If you’re starting a business or planning an event, you may have considered putting together your own packaging. This can seem complex, but with some new print materials, custom printed packaging is getting easier and easier.

A lot of people can imagine designing and printing a poster. A single sheet with some words and images. From there, a business card, some envelopes, a letterhead. These are easy to imagine and get done. But what about custom printed packaging like boxes, cases, or labels?

For a lot of people the project seems a lot more difficult. Where do you begin? How do you lay it out? And won’t it cost a lot? These are common concerns when you start to to think about creating custom printed packaging.

Recently paper manufacturers have produced many new materials that help simplify the process of printing packaging. They also help make it straight-forward and cost-effective.

What kind of packaging?

Here at cutpasteandprint we have started using some of this new technology to create packaging, labels, and various other dimensional marketing tools. These are items that print just like a regular flat sheet of paper, but that can then be folded, connected, and transformed into high-quality packaging. All customized with your own designs.

This includes product packaging like boxes of various sizes and cases designed to hold greeting cards or other cards or photographs. We can also print many other marketing items such as bottle neck hangers, store wobblers, megaphones, table top tents, or product tags.

And of course we offer labels of nearly any size and type.

There are many possibilities, and new varieties are being produced all the time. Here are a few ideas:

A box for sharing photos from a wedding, or displaying product samples

In store or craft table signage.

Table top tents for restaurants or at weddings and other parties.

Commemorative wine bottle neck cards for special events.

How can I design these products?

These items are completely customizable. We can provide templates for how to lay these out, and either you or your designer can work them up in their own familiar design software.

Of course we can help guide you the whole way. Or, if you need more help, we can also can complete the whole design for you. Our team of designers can make sure that the boxes are laid out and printed exactly as you want them.


Will this cost a lot?

One of the best features of this packaging is that we can print these products in small quantities. That means no large initial investment for your small or micro-business. Just what you need as you need it. You can get your business looking as big and professional as larger companies, while working at a scale you’re comfortable with.

As you need them, or better yet as you grow, we can produce the amount you need when you need it.

If you’re interested, feel free to give us a call or stop by to see some samples. We’ll be happy to help you get started.


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